lunedì 17 gennaio 2011

Capitalist Casualties - 1996-1999. Years In Ruin

this is a collection of CC (not crystal castles 8/ ) songs.
if you do not know them: punk hc meets fastcore/powerviolence.
you can download this album here:

Insect Warfare - World Extermination

Insect Warfare - World Extermination:
one of the most impressive grindcore band.
Download Here:

Earth - Angels of Darkness / Demons of Light 1

Earth - Angels of Darkness / Demons of Light 1
new album from the mighty drone seminal band Earth!

snowing - fuck your emotional bullshit demo

snowing - fuck your emotional bullshit demo
nice emotional hardcore band. suggested if you like 90’s emo tunes :)

Doomraiser - Erasing The Remembrance

Doomraiser - Erasing The Remembrance
one of the best doom metal bands from Italy.

Cursed - Discography

In the next days i will repost some music from my tumblr account, short reviews and download links as always. Let this started.

one of the best crusty hardcore band ever.
if you don’t know i suggest to give ‘em a listen!
For Fans Of: His Hero Is Gone, All Things Heavy And Angry.

Cursed - I

Cursed - II

Cursed - Blackout At Sunrise Ep

Cursed - III: Architects Of Troubled Sleep
links not mine taken from:

Alessio from the band "L'Amo" from Naples wrote me a message on facebook. He asked me to publish his band first EP on my blog. They play a sort of indie post-punk. The Use of Synth makes this record really interesting and catchy.
This release is a 5 songs 3" cd-r, but you can download it here on mediafire, and then, if you liked it, you can write to the band and buy it (